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Couples Seeking Solutions Blog


Couples Therapy For One

Posted on November 6, 2013 at 1:13 PM
Many couples that attend couples therapy do not always come with their partners. Couples therapy can be done with just one partner, however the maximum benefit is a combination of both individual and couples therapy for both partners. In my work, I find that the relationship a client has with themselves often impacts the relationship they have with their partners. Think about when your unhappy, stressed, or overwhelmed, often times it will affect your partner, right? Personal insecurities, fears, and expectations that are not negotiated clearly enough can get in the way of a relationship staying on track. I find personal self care and growth goes a long way in determining whether or not a couple will grow together or grow apart. Therefore, couples therapy for one is part of couples therapy and will allow for maximum benefits in the success of your overall relationship. When looking for a therapist that fits for you, consider both individual and couples therapy as part of the treatment plan. I think you will find it to be an all encompassing therapeutic experience. My couples do!
Eva Brown M.S.

Categories: couples