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Couples Seeking Solutions Blog


Testimonial From a Family

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 12:59 PM
Recently, I have been working with a wonderful family and their beautiful children.

Here is one of the most touching (anonymous) testimonials I have yet to receive:

My daughter (who is 11 years of age) was so happy and light after her first session with you.You could almost see her skip! She already put together a little backpack with art supplies for next weeks session. Too cute! You are amazing, Eva! You have done wonders for our family and helped restore us in a ways in which would have taken us years, if ever. Thank you!"

It is testimonials, like the one above, that ignite my passion for helping my clients get to a better place. It was an honor working with this family, like it is working with all of my clients. In this career, you get a sense of human struggle and compassion that goes beyond words and touches me at my soul, daily.

My hopes are that this will provide you (the reader) with some comfort when deciding if therapy is right for your family.

Eva Brown M.S.

Categories: family